Contributing to “Communities in Action”

Thank you for your interest in contributing to "Communities in Action", an initiative of the Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN). Each contribution focuses on describing a specific local community, an environmental challenge (e.g., an environmental or natural resource problem) that affected the community's economy and livelihoods, the community's response through conservation (stewardship) initiatives that improve environmental well-being and support sustainable livelihoods, and the eventual outcomes. To contribute, you will first be asked to review and agree to a consent form (once you click the button below) and then you will be taken to the survey, where you first identify yourself, then answer a short set of questions about the community, and finally, provide supporting material (see below). Please note that you will have an opportunity to change, edit, add to or remove the information you provide, even after you submit and the 'story' becomes available online.


While there are many different meanings of the word "community", this survey follows the common usage of the word, i.e. a local community that is identified by its location, lies within modest spatial boundaries, and is of a suitably small size. Further, a community's residents identify with being part of the community and quite likely know many others in the community. Communities will typically be either (1) rural, whether small towns, villages or other locations, and possibly including self-identifying groupings of small communities within a given area (e.g. around a lake or a bay), or (2) urban neighbourhoods within a city (but not cities themselves). Note that what is a 'small size' for a community will vary from one place to another, but unless warranted by the context, it is envisioned that community populations will be most likely under 20,000. If a community is larger, the contributor will be asked to provide some context as to why it can be viewed as a community.


To support the information you are providing about the community and its 'story', some additional material is needed. This can be in one or both of two forms: either (1) a document or media report that you can link to or upload, or (2) a suitable website that relates to the 'story' in your contribution. You may provide this material at the end of the survey, or if you do not have it available, we will contact you afterwards to obtain it, before your contribution goes online. We will also ask for a photo (or photos) of the community – this is optional, but adding images increases engagement of Communities in Action users.

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