Keynote Speakers


Dr. Fikret Berkes Community Conservation ResearcherFikret Berkes

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
University of Manitoba, Canada

Dr. Fikret Berkes is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba, Canada. Dr. Berkes is at the forefront globally in developing and applying a wide range of interrelated concepts and approaches that have become essential to current thinking about communities, conservation and livelihoods: social-ecological resilience, commons, community-based management, co-management, and local and traditional ecological knowledge. He has authored some 250 peer-reviewed journal papers and chapters. His books include: Governing the Coastal Commons (with D. Armitage and A. Charles); Coasts for People; Sacred Ecology, and Navigating Social–Ecological Systems (with J. Colding and C. Folke). He has participated in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, the UNDP Equator Initiative, and the Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). Dr. Berkes is the recipient of the Sustainability Science Award of the Ecological Society of America (2014), the Elinor Ostrom Award for Senior Scholar of the International Association for the Study of Commons (2015), and the International Conservation Union IUCN-CEESP Inaugural Award for Meritorious Research (2016). He is a founding member of the Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN).

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