Koh Pitak Island, Thailand

Community Conservation Revitalizes Livelihoods and Marine Resources
Koh Pitak, Thailand

Koh Pitak Island, Thailand

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The marine environment around Koh Pitak Island was formerly very productive and diverse but suffered rapid declines around 20 years ago due to over-fishing and pollution. Due to the decline in marine resources, the island community went heavily into debt. Conservation was seen at Koh Pitak as being an essential element of livelihood recovery. The community, under charismatic leadership, recognised that they themselves were partially to blame for the environmental degradation that had occurred and designed initiatives to reverse this trend. These initiatives, such as habitat creation and fishing restrictions, have improved the biodiversity around Koh Pitak Island.

See below for the Thai language abstract for this community story, “เกาะพิทักษ์, ประเทศไทย การฟื้นฟูวิถีชีวิตและทรัพยากรทางทะเลโดยการอนุรักษ์ของชุมชน”thai

A video report on the inhabitants of the scenic Koh Pitak island and their efforts to manage local ecotourism