Amy Heim

Research Assistant

Amy HeimAbout

Amy Heim is a Research Assistant with the CCRN Secretariat. She is a plant community ecologist who has been working with the plant communities on green roofs for the past 6 years. She received her bachelors of science in environmental science from Allegheny College in Meadville Pennsylvania and her master’s degree in applied science from saint Mary’s University in Halifax Nova Scotia. She is currently pursuing a PhD at Saint Mary’s University. Her current research is looking at how combining species with specific plant traits can effect co-existence and ecosystem services in the green roof environment.

Key Publications

  • Vasl, A., & Heim, A. 2016. Preserving plant diversity on extensive green roofs – theory to practice. Israel Journal of Ecology & Evolution. 62(1-2), 103-111.
  • Heim, A., & Lundholm, J. 2016. Phenological complementarity in plant growth and reproduction in a green roof ecosystem. Ecological Engineering. 82, 82-87.
  • Heim, A., & Lundholm, J. 2014. Species interactions in green roof vegetation suggest complementary planting mixtures. Landscape and Urban Planning, 130, 1, 125-133.
  • Heim, A., & Lundholm, J. 2014. The effects of substrate depth heterogeneity on plant species coexistence on an extensive green roof. Ecological Engineering, 68, 184-188.