Kaitlyn Rathwell

“Environmental change scientist, design thinker and electro-pop musician, La Luna combines her love of and expression through the arts with her scientific background, creating art + science alchemy.” Klaluna/tumblr.com

Kaitlyn Rathwell, PhD., is an environmental change governance and innovation scholar and practicing performance artist. Her research capacity has grown from pursuing an Honors of Arts degree at McGill University, Canada, a Master’s of Science at The Stockholm Resilience Center, Sweden, by working as a researcher at The Hafen City University in Hamburg, The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany, the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), and the Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience in Kitchener, Canada. Recently, she completed a PhD with the Environmental Change Governance Group (ECGG) lead by Prof. Derek Armitage at The University of Waterloo, Canada. In this context, Dr. Rathwell assessed the significance of arts to community resilience and climate change adaptation in Arctic Canada.  Currently, she is working as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at St. Mary’s University with the Ocean Canada Network and CCRN.  In this project, she explores the diverse ways coastal communities of Nova Scotia, Canada engage in futures planning.

Kaitlyn’s artistic self has been nurtured through many years of Royal Conservatory classical piano and theory, theatre and dance training. She has performed and competed with music, theatre and tap dance in North America and Europe. Currently she composes and performs under the stage alias of “K. La Luna”.

Reconciling her intellectual and artistic selves, Kaitlyn is now engaging in what she calls ‘Art + Science Alchemy’. Kaitlyn is passionate about advancing the artistic response to environmental change and wants to contribute to bringing aesthetics into how society navigates complex social-environmental changes.

Selected publications

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