Patrick Larter

Network Coordinator


Patrick is the Network Coordinator at the Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN) secretariat. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from Saint Mary’s University and a Master of Arts in Geography from Saint Mary’s University. His Masters research focused on “sense of place” and well-being. Specifically, his researched explored how sense of place is re-established after a beloved place is destroyed, particularly after long-term restoration to that place has occurred. During his Master’s, Patrick was a recipient of the CIHR (Canadian Institute of Health Research) Tri-Council Agency scholarship and the NSHRF (Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation) Scotia Scholars award.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Patrick is familiar with the challenges coastal communities and environments face, most notably, the devastating Hurricane Juan in 2003. This gives him passion to better understand the relationship between humans and the environment, or social-ecological systems. His research interests include: the use of our natural resources, the impact of climate change on the natural and human environment, and the influence of nature on well-being.

Key Publications

  • Larter, P. C. L. (2016). Does time heal all wounds?: the restoration of place attachment after loss of place: the case study of Point Pleasant Park after Hurricane Juan (master’s thesis). Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Larter, P. (2016). The impact of long-term urban park restoration on place attachment and psychological well-being: The case study of Point Pleasant Park after Hurricane Juan. In Proceedings of The Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Culture: Culture and the Everyday, Saint Mary’s University.
  • Water Resources Committee, Saint Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association. (2014). Water Brief I: Water Quality Wet-Pro Parameters applied in three sub-watersheds of Saint Margaret’s Bay. (Vol. 1.). Halifax, NS, Canada: Larter, P., & Hill, T.