Silvia Salas


Sylvia Salas CCRN ResearcherDr. Salas holds a B.S. in Biology and MS in Marine Biology, she obtained her PH. D. at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada (Resource management and environmental studies). She spent a year in Halifax at Saint Mary’s University as a postdoctoral fellow working with Dr. Anthony Charles.

She has collaborated at national (CICIMAR, UNAM, ECOSUR, Marista University National institute of fisheries, among others) and international level (Norway school of fisheries, Memorial University, Saint Mary’s University) with different research groups and organizations like FAO, WWF, COBI.

Currently, Dr Salas is a professor at the marine Resources Department of the Research Center Cinvestav, she is also the academic coordinator of the graduate programs of such department (

Dr Salas has develop research working with native and no-native communities and had work on fisheries in Mexico and Canada, the themes of her interest are: a) Bioeconomic assessment and management; b) fishing strategies and dynamics of the fleet and management implications; c) Assessment of fisher’s perceptions regarding risk and uncertainty associated with the use and management of fishing resources.

Teaching and students

She currently teaches graduate classes on the following themes: Fisheries bioeconocmics, stock assessment, Introduction to resource economics. She has graduated 6 Ph. D. students, 6 Ms. Students and 9 Bs students.

Current Projects

1) Assessment of fisheries within a protected area in Quintana Roo (closing) ; 2) “Assessment and management of artisanal fisheries in Yucatan” to submit for funding; 3) “Too big to Ignore: Global partnership for Small-scale fisheries Research”. SSHRC, Canada. Coordinator- Ratana Chuenpagdee. Silvia Salas Regional coordinator of Latin America and the Caribbean region (2011-2016).

Key Publications

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