Saadani National Park, Tanzania

Fostering Long Term Sustainability of Community Based Conservation and Development

Saadani National Park, Tanzania

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Tanzania’s Saadani National Park is a coastal strip along the Indian Ocean north of Dar es Salaam. The villages bordering the Saadani National Park are small and subsistence livelihood based. The park was created from three major components of crown land and former village lands. However, community residents do not believe that the benefit commitments made by the Tanzania National Parks Agency in exchange for the land, such as employment and community services, have been realized. Furthermore disputes over the actual boundary of the park continue and remain extremely contentious. The Kesho Trust has a long term commitment to the Saadani area and is involved in a variety of initiatives, including a project called Promoting Environmental Conservation and Cooperation (PECC). The purpose of this project was to help improve the relationships between villagers and the Saadani Park management through understanding and discussion. The project established, and works with, 10 person committees in each of the six communities in the area. A recent review of PECC identified four key project activities as being the most beneficial to the Saadani area communities: communication, community collaboration, observing other conservation organisations, and education.

See below for the Swahili language abstract for this community story, “Hifadhi ya Taifa ya Saadani, Tanzania: Kukuza Uendelevu wa Muda Mrefu wa Uhifadhi wa Kijamii na Maendeleo.”


A video concerning the Kesho Trust  project Promoting Environmental Conservation and Cooperation (PECC)