Coastal CURA: Communities Managing Coasts Together

How can communities, resource user organizations and governments together meet the capacity needs and awareness to carry out coastal management? And at what scale should management take place – at the level of the community, of a stretch of coastline, or of a whole region? When should management be bottom-up (community-led) and when government-led?

Through an extensive six-year project, Coastal CURA explored these crucial questions through a careful review of experiences in the past, combined with innovative participatory research on a set of current management endeavours taking place across Canada’s Maritimes. We applied three key strategies – research, capacity-building, and knowledge mobilization – to explore three key areas: (1) Reflection and Evaluation Methods: Learning from Experience; (2) Integrated Coastal Management Initiatives: Iterative Learning in the Present, and (3) Organizational and Institutional Capacity: Building for the Future.

The links below provide resources including knowledge sharing and community engagement strategies. Be sure as well to watch the capstone film “A Coastal Partnership” and browse the “People in Places” conference proceedings.


Policy Advice

Community Fisheries Management Handbook


People in Places Conference:

Halifax, NS, Canada
June 27-29, 2011

People in Places: Engaging Together in Integrated Resource Management

Conference Proceedings



A Coastal Partnership: Maritime Stories of Integrated Management

Sharing the Waters, Saint John, NB