The following publications provide a diverse range of contributions on the themes of Communities, Conservation and Livelihoods. On the one hand, we highlight work of CCRN researchers in a wide range of international journals including Ecology and Society, Science, Marine Policy, Human Ecology, Fish and Fisheries, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Ocean & Coastal Management, and Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. These papers showcase the high quality of research in communities around the world, as well as contributions in theory and conceptual analysis. At the same time, we provide links to various contributions by others, outside the Community Conservation Research Network, in order to provide a broader set of learning resources. Browse the full list of publications by theme via our category menu on the right, and check out the following featured publications below.

thumbnail of Alexander_et_al-2016-Frontiers_in_Ecology_and_the_E

Alexander, S. M., Andrachuk, M. & Armitage, D. (2016) Navigating governance networks for community-based conservation. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 14(3):155-164.

thumbnail of charles_et_al-2016-aquatic_conservation-_marine_and_freshwater_ecosystems

Charles, A., Westlund, L., Bartley, D. M., Fletcher, W. J., Garcia, S., Govan, H., and Sanders, J. (2016) Fishing livelihoods as key to marine protected areas: insights from the World Parks Congress. Aquatic Conserv: Mar. Freshw. Ecosyst., 26: 165–184

thumbnail of Berdej and Armitage_Bridging for better conservation in Indonesia_2016

Berdej S and Armitage D (2016) Bridging for better conservation fit in Indonesia’s coastal-marine systems. Front. Mar. Sci. 3:101. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2016.00101

thumbnail of Bennet et al Understanding human dimensions in conservation_Biological Conservation 205(2017)93-108

Bennett, N., et al. (2017). Conservation social science: Understanding and integrating human dimensions to improve conservation. Biological Conservation 205: 93–108.

Key principles of marine ecosystem-based management PDF

Long, R.D., Charles, A., and R.L. Stephenson. 2015. Key principles of marine ecosystem-based management. Marine Policy 57:53-60.

thumbnail of spalding_et_al-2016-aquatic_conservation-_marine_and_freshwater_ecosystems

Spalding, M.,I. Meliane, N. Bennett, P. Dearden, P. Patil and R. Brumbaugh (2016) Building towards the marine conservation end-game: consolidating the role of MPAs in a future ocean. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 26: 185-199