Resource Centre

The CCRN provides a global learning and resource platform on community-based conservation and broadly, the relationships between Community, Conservation and Livelihoods. Please take some time to browse our ever-growing resources which include an interactive Communities in Action map, Community Stories from around the world, Publications on a wide range of environmental topics, Webinars, Videos, Radio clips, etc.

Community Stories

Stories that showcase a fresh perspective & insightful approach to community conservation & sustainable livelihoods, within a local environmental, cultural & political context.



The Community Conservation Research Network’s 10 part webinar series is an in-depth exploration of the themes central to the CCRN: communities, conservation and livelihoods.

Communities in Action

Contribute to our growing, global database and share the efforts of a local community with this unique, knowledge-sharing network and interactive map.


Community Conservation Guidebooks

View our community conservation guidebooks. These resources focus on Governance and Social-Ecological Systems respectively. View these frameworks in PDF or interactive format.



The following videos and short documentaries are produced by researchers and organizations of many forms, all conveying important insights and experiences on the linkages of Communities, Conservation and Livelihoods.

governing coastal commons

Governing the Coastal Commons

An examination of how coastal communities adapt to environmental change, approaches to governing the coastal commons, emphasizing a social-ecological systems perspective, and the role of resilience and transformation.