Communities in Action, research in links between environment, communities, and livelihood

Communities, Conservation & Livelihoods
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Join experts from around the world who share knowledge concerning the practices of linking communities with conservation and sustainable livelihoods.
Inuit community - research in links between environment, communities, and livelihood

Communities, Conservations & Livelihoods
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Explore how communities can take collective action, through homegrown environmental stewardship to improve local ecosystems and community well-being.

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Communities in Action

Stories shared from around the world from local communities that are working to achieve both environmental conservation and sustainable livelihoods

Communities, Conservation & Livelihoods

The Community Conservation Research Network links local communities, conservation and sustainable livelihoods to address environmental and economic challenges. We are focused on understanding the diverse meanings of conservation, the motivations for environmental stewardship and the best practices for governance and decision making to achieve conservation and sustainable livelihoods.

The connection between Communities, Conservation and Livelihoods around the globe

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