Communities in Action

Imagine a map of the world, with hundreds of points highlighted, each a shining example of a community protecting its environment and sustaining its local livelihoods…

Imagine a new way for communities to learn from one another, around the globe, and for us all to discover what works best in local conservation…

Communities in Action, research in links between environment, communities, and livelihood

Linking local communities, conservation and sustainable livelihoods to address environmental and economic challenges.

We are focused on understanding the diverse meanings of conservation, the motivations for environmental stewardship and the best practices for governance and decision making to achieve conservation and sustainable livelihoods.

CCRN Communities Conservation Livelihoods

Community Stories from around the globe

Building the capacity of community members, researchers, and government managers to tackle complex problems leads to empowered communities, improved joint problem solving, sustainable livelihoods and more effective conservation.

Inuit community - research in links between environment, communities, and livelihood