“Communities, Conservation & Livelihoods”

International Conference

May 28-30th 2018 – Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada

How do local communities engage in environmental stewardship to support sustainable livelihoods?

In what ways are communities dealing with: changing environments; diverse worldviews and knowledge types; power and politics; engagement with government and private sector; issues of equity and justice; food security and biodiversity conservation?

Who makes the decisions affecting communities, conservation and livelihoods?

How empowered are local communities? What is the situation in urban neighbourhoods? In resource-based rural communities? How can indigenous rights be respected? How can government policy and practice provide better support to communities engaged in conservation and livelihood initiatives?

What are the ingredients of success in community conservation?

What motivates conservation in the first place? Can success be achieved across multiple scales? How can community resilience be improved? How do we know when conservation and livelihood goals are being achieved?

Join us for this unique gathering to explore how local communities are engaging in environmental conservation that supports their local economies and livelihoods, and how government policy can best support local initiatives.

The conference will bring together indigenous, community, university, government, and NGO people from around the world, aiming to produce lessons of relevance to communities, policy-makers, researchers and a range of organizations – at all levels, from local to global.

Using both standard and non-conventional formats, the meeting will provide plenty of ways to share knowledge, to build partnerships and to shape the future linkages of communities, conservation and livelihoods.

Join us to explore the challenges and to celebrate a world of community success stories!

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