Cathy Conrad


Cathy Conrad Researcher CCRNCathy is a Professor of Geography at Saint Mary’s University, and is the founder and Research Coordinator of the Community-Based Environmental Monitoring Network (CBEMN). Cathy’s background is in geography, environmental studies, and fluvial geomorphology, and her current research is in watershed management, water quality, and community-based monitoring. Reduced government funding for monitoring has resulted in a subsequent increase in community stewardship activity. Dr. Conrad seeks to increase community capacity, scientific literacy, and environmental democracy through a citizen-science approach that encourages participatory watershed management. CURA H2O has built upon the work of the CBEMN and aims to provide standardized training and equipment to stewardship volunteers both in Nova Scotia and internationally. Dr. Conrad works closely with the Nova Scotia-Gambia Association and frequently travels to the Gambia, West Africa to work with communities through educational outreach on issues of public health and water safety, scarcity, and conservation.