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How can communities, resource user organizations and governments together meet the capacity needs and awareness to carry out coastal management? And at what scale should management take place – at the level of the community, of a stretch of coastline, or of a whole region? When should management be bottom-up (community-led) and when government-led?

Through an extensive six-year project, Coastal CURA explored these crucial questions through a careful review of experiences in the past, combined with innovative participatory research on a set of current management endeavours taking place across Canada’s Maritimes. We applied three key strategies – research, capacity-building, and knowledge mobilization – to explore three key areas: (1) Reflection and Evaluation Methods: Learning from Experience; (2) Integrated Coastal Management Initiatives: Iterative Learning in the Present, and (3) Organizational and Institutional Capacity: Building for the Future.

The links below provide resources including knowledge sharing and community engagement strategies. Be sure as well to watch the capstone Coastal CURA film: A Coastal Partnership” and look at the “People in Places” conference proceedings.

Coastal CURA: Communities Managing Coasts Together

Coastal CURA Introduction

Coastal CURA Policy Advice

Coastal CURA Community Fisheries Management Handbook


Coastal CURA Conference:

Halifax, NS, Canada
June 27-29, 2011

People in Places: Engaging Together in Integrated Resource Management

Coastal CURA Conference Proceedings


Coastal CURA Videos:

A Coastal Partnership: Maritime Stories of Integrated Management

Sharing the Waters, Saint John, NB