Chapter 14

Synthesis: Governing Coastal Transformations
By Derek Armitage, Fikret Berkes and Anthony Charles

The volume ends in Chapter 14 by revisiting the propositions raised in the Introductory chapter, drawing on case-specific lessons learned, and reflecting on the implications for transforming governance of the coastal commons. This chapter also examines the range of perspectives discussed in the volume’s case studies, which merge different but complementary concepts and tools, and which together provide “global” insights on the challenges confronting coastal communities globally. With coastal communities at the forefront of rapid change – social and ecological – their efforts to transform untenable conditions in ways that sustain ecosystems and place-based livelihoods should be of keen interest not only to other communities on the front lines of change, but also to the decision makers and researchers that can lend their support. It is concluded that the social-ecological systems thinking used consistently within this volume helps meet the challenge of identifying and assessing governance and transformations, and in particular understanding how communities and their partners are engaging in transformations to protect the coastal commons for present and future generations.